Executive Committee 2017

Peter Austin  President
Heinz Kraus Vice President
Anne Shaw  First Secretary
Dana Plansky Second Secretary
Christa Wurfbaum First Treasurer
Anneliese Höpp   Second Treasurer
Ursula Stiefeling   Financial Secretary
Ursula Sekerak   Advertising
Ursula Hoffmann   First Auditor
Karen Dingfeld  Second Auditor
Lydia Mühlbauer  First Entertainment Committee
Maria Baxant Second Entertainment Committee
Elisabeth Korenyi First Hall Manager
Talida Ladwig Second Hall Manager
Vacant Food Service Manager
Peter Hoffmann  Movie Director
Katie Spitzbart  Public Relations
Josef Spitzbart Building Manager
Helga Schopf Ladies’ Group
Fred Haaf  Fishers & Hunters
Helpers (Beisitzer) Edna Reisch, Frank Schuster
Joe Stipsits, Arpad Szirtes

In addition to the above positions, Christa Wurfbaum has accepted the Book Keeper position and Andrea Szirtes is the Reservation Coordinator. There are also two honorary positions for the Helpers, Inge Semianiw and Jack Schoutson.